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Guru Aromas was founded in 2008 and is located in the city of Athens, Greece. Our company specializes in perfumes, insect control and WC hygiene. Our extensive involvement in the perfume industry allows us to design and produce an array of innovative products for our clients. Respect for both the consumer and the environment have always been one of the chief objectives of our work. Our aim is to ensure that our clients in Greece and abroad will remain satisfied throughout our collaboration.


The merge of organized staff; both partners and representatives, we take a modern approach and endeavour to be pioneers in our field. Our aromas will connect your brand to the consumer using the most powerful of the senses: olfaction, the sense of smell.


This way, your product will be impermeably engraved in the consumers’ minds, memories and feelings. A scent is not something static. It is all encompassing and defines the atmosphere of a space. It is what makes a person, place and brand unique. It is both an inspiration and a trend. The Aroma Gurus are here to meet your needs and expand your horizons.


•      More than 35 dealers all around Greece



    Brand loyalty and confidence is created

       through support programs and trainings



     Partners' evaluation is of great significance




Head Office


Parnithos 119 & Aristotelous,

PO 13671, Acharnai, Greece


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+30 210 2402288


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Isokratous & Patron 25,

PO 56224, Thessaloniki, Greece


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+30 2310 577387


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Our company is also a participant in the READ program.


The aim of the READ program is the development of a valuable tool with the participation of producers/importers of chemical products that caters to professional users and will provide them with a friendly and direct way the instructions for proper use, in order to ensure their health and the environmental protection...more

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