The 20 most recognizable scents | Part 1

The 20 Most Recognizable Scents…..Part 4
May 12, 2018

The 20 most recognizable scents | Part 1

The sense of smell is one of the five basic senses which activates us in times of danger, awakens hidden emotions and invokes our memories from the past.  It’s a fact that people connect faces, situations and objects with scents, thereby creating a permanent emotional tie to them.

According to a Yale study, there are 20 scents which are classified as the most easily recognizable throughout the world.

  1. The first scent on the list is that of coffee. Despite the strong aroma of its freshly ground granules, coffee has the ability of neutralizing odors and giving a sense of freshness.  Tips:  Toss some coffee grains in your car for a lasting scent!  Besides the familiar scent, it will help you wake up before work!  In addition if you have decided to switch the fragrance that you wear, carry some coffee with you so that it may neutralize any odors and thereby allow you to make a proper selection.
  2. Second on the list is the scent of peanut butter. It might seem strange that peanut butter should be so high on the list: it’s a fact that freshly roasted peanuts have a particular and pleasing aroma.  And yes, this scent has possible connections to Alzheimer’s disease.  Researchers from the University of Florida asked 90 participants to sniff a spoonful of peanut butter!  A percentage of them who could not smell the peanut butter were diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s.   Tips: As odd as it may seem, this is a simple test you can try at home!
  3. Camphor is next on the University’s list of the most recognizable scents. Despite the fact that it is unpleasant, it is sure that most of us can smell it from a distance.  This oil comes from the bark of a tree which is found mostly in Asia and in North Africa.  It has diversified uses, and is often considered beneficial to one’s health.  Tips:  Try rubbing yourself with camphor oil when you have a cold as it kills bacteria and fights infection.  It is also beneficial for muscular and arthritis pain.
  4. It could not be excluded from the top of the list of most recognizable scents in the world!  The great diversity of scents of chocolate result from the variety, the origin and the method in which the cocoa beans are roasted.  The scent of chocolate does not only affect the stomach, thereby compelling undecided consumers to purchase food items but also the brain, driving people to read!  You heard it right- a study conducted by Hasslet University in Belgium done in a neighborhood bookstore demonstrated that the effect of the scent of chocolate in the bookstore increased the consumer’s mood to remain there 2,2 times more in order to read a book!  Tips:  The only tip we can give you is to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, along with a good book.


This list contains the  additional 16 most recognizable scents in the world!  Stay tuned for the continuation…….