Disinfection & Cleaning WCs



  •    Apply Cleaning - Disinfection e scheduling


  •    Dosing control concentrated cleaners and disinfectants


  •    Coverage of all types WC


  •    Apply directly to flush the basin


  •    No need power supply


  •    Operates with 2D alkaline batteries


  •    Maintained and implemented by specially trained personnel

Disinfection & Cleaning WCs

Our 3 Solutions


WC hygiene is a top priority for every respectful business and for its customers. Sanitation is priceless. It can influence customers' view of a business greatly and can have a huge impact on the public's perception of a brand.


The Guru Aromas propose the following 3 solutions to meet the needs of every modern business.


For Guru Aromas disinfection – WC cleaning involves:





  •   Advanced placement and study from Guru Aromas expert team


  •   Unique sense of security and cleanliness


  •   Neutralization and inhibit odours at their source


  •   Innovative formula 500ml of the R & D department of Guru Aromas


  •   Reduced cost of ownership (service application per two months)


  •   Respect for the environment and human

Toilet Fresh Lemon


Specially designed high foaming product to offer guests the WC feeling clean lemon scent.



Powerful disinfectant – broad spectrum cleanser (Banzakonium chloride, germicide, algaecide) suitable for private and public spaces. Can be used in sanitary areas, restaurants, hospitals, schools, gyms, workbenches, refrigerators, floors, and generally any surface requiring decontamination and cleaning.

Toilet Fresh Levanda


Highly concentrated product with high foaming lavender scent, cleans in depth and gives visitors the WC the freshness of the blue sea. The Toilet fresh Levande has copyright vesting number Number Act 577 / 12.09.2009.

Disinfection & Cleaning WC Dispensers


Digital Sanitizer Dispenser